Monday, May 11, 2009


Everything has a price. If you have needs... It does not matter. You must pay full retail.
If people average $53k a year... Why am I forced to live on less than $3k a year?
$243 a month is an insult. I followed orders. I was ordered to put myself in harms way.
I lost everything I loved. I can no longer do anything I used to do. I could no longer be a Soldier.
I miss the Army so much. Now what will happen to me? I cannot work. I can barely survive on the $243 dollars I get. I must live with other people and follow their rules. I have no freedom.
My life was the fight for freedom. Now I am not allowed any freedoms. The price of freedom?
$10k for a used van. $1,200 for a mobility scooter. Around $1,000 dollars a month for gas, food, and insurance. Like this I have no freedom. I am a prisoner of my Ex-Wife's house. She gets my $243.00 to feed me. I sit here and wait for all to go to bed so I can get my sheet and pillow out.
After 10:00pm the couch becomes mine until 6:00am. Then back in the chair until 10:00pm comes again. I need so many things. I am not allowed to have anything because I am not allowed to have money. I am a prisoner of The American Nightmare...

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