Monday, May 11, 2009

Camera search comes up empty handed.

FujiFilm hung up on me. Olympus told me to find money and call them back. Canon says they do not donate cameras. Now everyone want a 12mp camera. Last year it was 10mp. How about an 8mp? There has to be one on a shelf gathering dust somewhere. I need to give money to my Ex-Wife. I am too severe to be ever returning to the workforce. So selling everything I have on eBay is the only way I can get money to give her. It is to feed me. She is my caretaker.
Getting hurt in the Army really ruins your life, huh? Now I can't do anything. I can't even buy a digital camera so I can sell what few things I have left.
What is to become of us Veterans?
Panasonic Lumix camera. It was my favorite. I called and they refuse to donate one to me.
I am supposed to sell everything I own to help my Ex feed me.
Without a camera how am I supposed to take pictures of my watch, and Zippo, and wedding ring so I can put them on eBay? That crap about "it takes money to make money" is smeared in my face daily. I hate having to be forced to live my life penniless. It is not living. It is a horrible existence. It is being punished for not dying when I had the chance. Now the American public has to feed me. What a crappy world.


Everything has a price. If you have needs... It does not matter. You must pay full retail.
If people average $53k a year... Why am I forced to live on less than $3k a year?
$243 a month is an insult. I followed orders. I was ordered to put myself in harms way.
I lost everything I loved. I can no longer do anything I used to do. I could no longer be a Soldier.
I miss the Army so much. Now what will happen to me? I cannot work. I can barely survive on the $243 dollars I get. I must live with other people and follow their rules. I have no freedom.
My life was the fight for freedom. Now I am not allowed any freedoms. The price of freedom?
$10k for a used van. $1,200 for a mobility scooter. Around $1,000 dollars a month for gas, food, and insurance. Like this I have no freedom. I am a prisoner of my Ex-Wife's house. She gets my $243.00 to feed me. I sit here and wait for all to go to bed so I can get my sheet and pillow out.
After 10:00pm the couch becomes mine until 6:00am. Then back in the chair until 10:00pm comes again. I need so many things. I am not allowed to have anything because I am not allowed to have money. I am a prisoner of The American Nightmare...